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World Wide Wanders - Before You Go - Gear & Equipment

World Wide Wanders have compiled a list of necessary & useful equipment that it is advisable to take on a backpacking adventure, as follows:

Equipment Description
Rucksack These come in male & female sizes to fit the frame.
Sleeping Bag Ensure the tog rating matches the anticipated climates.
Inner Sleeping Bag Essential to keep the sleeping bag clean & fresh.
Comfortable & sturdy walking shoes/trainers It is essential to take multi-purpose shoes as weight will become an issue when packing.
Lightweight Breathable Jacket The smaller it packs the better as it won't be needed in all locations.
Money Belt Essential to stash away valuables.
Day Pack Useful for short excursions.
Good Torch Always handy.
Sun Hat Good protection from the long days spent in the Sun.
Sunglasses The more robust the better as they may take a battering in the rucksack.
Two-Three Changes of Clothes Anymore & the rucksack may get too heavy.
Swimming Costumes Essential for chilling out on beaches.
Multi-Purpose Pen Knife This will be useful for a variety of things.
Water Bottle Useful on day excursions.
Medical Kit Could turn out to be an essential piece of equipment.
Travellers Emergency Medical Kit Includes hypodermic Needles & all essentials in case of Hospitalisation.
Travel Towel These pack a lot smaller than everyday towels & dry quicker.
Travel Guides Full of useful information.
Water Purification Tablets Handy in remote locations.
Sandals Great for beaches.
Sarong For multi-purpose use.
High Factor Sun Cream Essential for most locations.
Mosquito Net First line of defence against bugs.
Padlocks Useful for locking rucksacks & accommodation doors.
Camera & Film To record the magic of the trip.
Batteries Ensure batteries are taken for all equipment that requires them.
Book/Journal To record moments, thoughts & feelings throughout the trip. Great to look back at in years to come.
Pens Required for keeping journals noting telephone numbers amd other such things.
Required Medication If day-to-day medication is required, the doctor can prescribe much of the required dosage, a private prescription can also be obtained to make up the quantity. Drugs can also be bought in many countries over the counter.
Travellers Cheques These provide a secure method of carrying money. Ensure that the currency they are carried in is accepted in the countries being visited.
Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard) Credit cards may be required in case of emergency. Ensure all cards last the duration of the trip.
Debit Card (Visa) For easy access to cash. Credit cards can no longer be used to purchase travellers cheques. Ensure all cards last the duration of the trip.
Passport Goes without saying that this is required, but ensure the passport is valid for the entire duration of the trip.
Ear Plugs These will assist in ensuring a good nights sleep when the surrounding area is noisy.
Travel Plug Essential for using electrical appliances when away, ensure that the relevant adapter is taken.
Mobile Phone & Charger Although this isn't essential, it may be handy for emergencies & when you need to hear a friendly voice.
Toileteries Keep clean otherwise all sorts of bugs & funguses may be attracted.
Condoms These are necessary whether going with a partner or without. Protect yourself.
Lighter This will have a variety of uses whether a smoker or not.

Before You Go

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