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World Wide Wanders - Eaterie Travel Review - Chivit Thai Restaurant

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Eaterie Name:Chivit Thai Restaurant Reviewer Rating:
Type:Restaurant User Rating:0.0 from 23 votes
Area:Siem ReapSubmit Rating:

Eaterie Description:

The Chivit Thai Restaurant is located directly opposite The Mahogany Guest House.

The Chivit Thai Restaurant has a very modern feel inside with white cloth on the tables and chairs.

There are many Thai dishes to choose from and people can order not spicy, slightly spicy, spicy or very spicy.

The cost of the food at the Chivit Thai Restaurant is again of a similar price as the other restaurants in the area.

Eaterie Review:

We went to the Chivit Thai Restaurant only once during our stay in Siem Reap.

The food was of a good standard and there was a lot of it.

Kieron had Chicken with Cashew nuts with rice which he really enjoyed and went as far as saying it was the best meal he had since being in Cambodia. Julie on the other hand had Thai Noodles (not too spicy) but unfortunately she did not enjoy them as it had lots of little nuts on the top which put her off slightly.

After our meal the waiter gave us a free bottle of Angkor Beer which was really generous and it made up for the meal Julie did not like.

The waiter that we had was very friendly and we ended up talking to him for a while about his studies which was interesting.

All in all the Chivit Thai Restaurant is a good place to go as it has a friendly atmosphere and good food at a reasonable price due to the amount served.

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