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World Wide Wanders - Eaterie Travel Review - Happy Pizza

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Eaterie Name:Happy Pizza Reviewer Rating:
Type:Restaurant User Rating:0.0 from 25 votes
Area:Phnom PenhSubmit Rating:

Eaterie Description:

Happy Pizza is located along the River front and is only a short walk from the Sun Shine Hotel.

The interior of Happy Pizza is plain but respectable and the staff are very friendly.

The food served is mainly pasta and pizza, but there are snacks such as sandwiches with many fillings to choose from and salads for lunch.

The famous Cambodian happy pizza which contains small quantities of marijuana under the cheese topping can be ordered here.

The price of the food is fairly reasonable and of a good quality.

Free deliveries are also available

Eaterie Review:

We ate here on a couple of occasions one being our first night and were very pleased with the quality of service.

We both had pasta and garlic bread which was really tasty and there was a lot of it, also with the pasta we had free fresh French stick but we were so full from our meal that we did not sample any which was a shame as it looked and smelled great.

After we had finished our meals to our surprise the waitress brought us two free bananas which was really generous and rounded off a lovely meal with a good atmosphere.

The second time we visited Happy Pizza we had lunch.

We both had tuna and mayonnaise baguettes with french fries which were both tasty and filling. Again after our lunch the waitress brought us free of charge pineapple and banana slices and luckily we had just enough room to fit it in.

All in all Happy Pizza is a great location to chill out and enjoy good tasting food at a reasonable price.

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User Comments For Happy Pizza

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