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World Wide Wanders - Eaterie Travel Review - Riverside Bistro

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Eaterie Name:Riverside Bistro Reviewer Rating:
Type:Restaurant User Rating:0.0 from 26 votes
Area:Phnom PenhSubmit Rating:

Eaterie Description:

The Riverside Bistro is located along the river front not far away from The Sun Shine Hotel.

There is outside seating for those who want to watch the hustle and bustle of the busy road, also there is an inside seating area which is much quieter. Both inside and outside the seating areas are very comfortable.

There are lots of different food to choose from at the Riverside Bistro which include Western, German, Thai, Italian and Khmer.

The cost of the food here is of a similar price to the other restaurants located along the river front.

Eaterie Review:

We had lunch here the first day we arrived and to our surprise they had jacket potato with crispy bacon sour cream and melted cheese so as it sounded so good we both ordered it. When the jacket potatoes arrived they tasted as good as it sounded on the menu, the only thing was the potato was a little dry and could have done with some butter.

As we enjoyed our lunch so much we came back every morning and had a set breakfast which consisted of scrambled eggs, bacon, toast with butter and jam, orange juice and coffee. The breakfast was reasonably priced and tasted good.

The Riverside Bistro is a great place to watch the world go by with a great atmosphere and friendly staff.

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User Comments For Riverside Bistro

Comment By: Guest

I stayed here for a cploue of nights. The location of this hotel is great, just beside the river with a great view that you can look forward to waking up to in the morning. You can do plenty of people watching. Next to an award winning bakery (The Blue Pumkin) to get a daily dose of pastries and ice cream. Rooms are clean and nice.. I truly recommend this place if you are in Phnom Penh!Chen

Comment By: Guest

Metro was such a nice surprise! Almost no seats left when we arevird, it definitely seemed to be the place were people go to eat and drink. What we didn’t expect was the engaging and attentive service by the staff! And the genuinely unique menu offerings and quality of food. All were really good. From steak Ceasar salad to goat cheese arugula salad to Cambodian beef salad or the pate and steak with red ants; all were tasty and fresh.

Comment By: Guest

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Comment By: Guest

Cafe Metro is a very elegant cafe. The sirceve is professional and perfect, probably the most attentive and educated servers that I have ever had in the riverside of Phnom Penh. Ordered a mixed grill with steak, scallops and prawns, as well as a fresh fruit juices. And everything was great, they have really good food here. After the food I had a cocktail who was really good too.Gunter from Germany

Comment By: Guest

Nice place to sit and drink coffee. Perfect lotaicon if you are walking on the riverside and feel hot. Then you just go in here they have good AC and really good coffee and the food is great too..Really nice good place I like it./V [url=]azludknneg[/url] [link=]qbqyqz[/link]

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