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World Wide Wanders - Eaterie Travel Review - Happy Herb Pizza

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Eaterie Name:Happy Herb Pizza Reviewer Rating:
Type:Restaurant User Rating:0.0 from 23 votes
Area:Phnom PenhSubmit Rating:

Eaterie Description:

Happy Herb Pizza is located along the river front and is a 10 minute walk from the Sun Shine Hotel.

The interior of Happy Herb Pizza is plain, but comfortable; there is also an outside seating area where people can watch the hustle and bustle of the busy road.

The food mainly served is Pizza with many topping to choose from and pasta.

The famous Cambodian happy pizza which contains small quantities of marijuana under the cheese topping can be ordered here.

The price of the food is very reasonable and of good quality.

Eaterie Review:

We ate here only on one occasion and we had two small pizzas.

Julie had an ordinary tuna Pizza and Kieron had a special mushroom Pizza. Both pizzas were really tasty and there was lots of topping.

The herb topped pizza is not that strong and is fine if you have nothing pressing to do that evening.

At Happy Herb Pizza we ate inside as it was too noisy to sit outside and also you get asked for money, food and to buy flowers from the many beggars which is a bit off putting when you are about to eat!

When we were there a girl came into the inside of the restaurant and asked if we wanted to buy flowers to which we said no and she then quickly left.

Happy Herb Pizza is a great location to chill out and enjoy a great evening meal.

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User Comments For Happy Herb Pizza

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Comment On Review For Happy Herb Pizza In Cambodia Posted By kieron&julie


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