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World Wide Wanders - Eaterie Travel Review - Veiyo Tonle River Breeze

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Eaterie Name:Veiyo Tonle River Breeze Reviewer Rating:
Type:Restaurant User Rating:0.0 from 25 votes
Area:Phnom PenhSubmit Rating:

Eaterie Description:

Veiyo Tonle River Breeze Restaurant and Cafe is located on the river front near the Sun Shine Hotel.

The interior has a Mediterranean feel and there is an outside eating area, both eating areas are very comfortable, but outside it can be quite noisy with the busy road.

The food served is Pizza with many toppings to choose from and Pasta, also available is Thai and Khmer food.

The cost of the food is fairly reasonable, but the portions are not as big as some of the other eateries in the area.

Eaterie Review:

On our last night we ate at the Veiyo Tonle River Breeze Restaurant.

Kieron had Thai pork noodles with soya sauce which was ok, but the meat was a bit grizzly and the meal was not very hot. Julie had spaghetti Carbonara which was absolutely repulsive as it was cold, the sauce tasted like vinegar (as if the cream was off) and the so called bacon was processed slices of ham, not like the carbonaras she has tasted before.

The meal was finished with complimentary slices of pineapple and banana, which was great as Julie was still hungry as she only had 3 mouthfuls of the carbonara.

If you are hungry and looking for a good meal, then do not come here as the food is disgusting, therefore we can not recommend this restaurant.

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