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World Wide Wanders - Attraction Travel Review - Pottery Square

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Attraction Name:Pottery Square Reviewer Rating:
Type:Place User Rating:0.0 from 26 votes
Area:BhaktapurSubmit Rating:

Attraction Description:

Pottery Square in Bhaktapur is a small square that is passed to the left when entering Bhaktapur from the south. The square is named Pottery Square due to the large amount of pottery that is made in the square and put out to dry in the sun. The square is also used to dry grain at certain times of the year and it makes a nice sight to see both produce drying in the midday sun.

The square is surrounded by shops selling the pottery that is produced in the square, which would make a good souvenir of the visit to Bhaktapur.

Attraction Review:

Pottery Square itself isn`t worth going out of the way to see, if however already in Bhaktapur then it is a must as it is on the route up into the town of Bhaktapur and it is quite a sight to see all the pottery set out to dry.

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