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World Wide Wanders - Attraction Travel Review - Elephant Ride

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Attraction Name:Elephant Ride Reviewer Rating:
Type:Elephant Ride User Rating:0.0 from 21 votes
Area:Royal Chitwan National ParkSubmit Rating:

Attraction Description:

Elephant Rides at the Royal Chitwan National Park are a great way to explore the jungle and catch some wildlife. The ride is exceptionally good when the grass is too long to be walking around in as if too long it is often hard to see wildlife.

The elephants take there passengers through the thick undergrowth and stop at watering holes where if lucky the passengers get a good glimpse of animals down for a drink.

Attraction Review:

On our elephant ride the elephant keeper took us off the beaten track and past a couple of watering holes where One-Horned Rhino`s were taking a drink.

The elephant didn`t stick to the paths which was great except that we often had to deal with branches that could have hit us, this occasionally meant that we were more concerned about looking out for obstacles than we were with checking out for wildlife.

Other than the One-Horned Rhino we also saw a Barking Dear, several Bird species and a Mongoose. Unfortunately we didn?t see a Tiger, but hey-ho.

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