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World Wide Wanders - Attraction Travel Review - Elephant Breeding Center

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Attraction Name:Elephant Breeding Center Reviewer Rating:
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Area:Royal Chitwan National ParkSubmit Rating:

Attraction Description:

In the Elephant Breeding Center in the Royal Chitwan National Park the native Elephants are breed to help maintain the species population in the area. The native breed of elephant in Nepal is the India or Asian Elephant whose main identifying characteristics are small ears.

The center has a small eating area in the center and all around the perimeter elephants are roaming around the posts they are tethered to.

The Elephants resident at the Breeding Center range from the very young to the older more mature elephants.

Attraction Review:

Our trip to the Elephant Breeding Center was much enjoyed, as a couple of weeks prior to our visit a baby Elephant had been born and only just before our visit had they started to let visitors photograph the youngster, it was so cute.

All around the Center small fires were burning which we later found out was the droppings of the Elephants, the fires were used to keep the Elephants warm during the night and also as a way of controlling the ever mounting piles.

To get to the Elephant Breeding Center we had to take a boat across the river, which we felt was a great way to arrive.

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