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World Wide Wanders - Attraction Travel Review - Thamel Area

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Attraction Description:

Kathmandu`s tourist shopping area of Thamel is great for finding bargins and souvenirs alike. The streets are crammed with guest houses, hotels, eateries and shops selling clothes, jewelry, food, and just about everything.

May bargins can be found in this region of Kathmandu, but the prices tend to start fairly high.

The Tamel region of Kathmandu does tend to get very busy with people, cars, rickshaws, bikes and motorbikes all fighting to pass one another.

Attraction Review:

If staying in Kathmandu itself then there is a good chance that if not already in Thamel then the accomodation is very close to it, even if this isn`t the case then Thamel should still be visited to find the right souveneir or presents.

Thamel houses may eateries that offer a broad range of cuisines from traditional Nepalise to the best of Western and Asian dishes.

Be aware that there are many street beggers in this area and at times visitors will feel pestered.

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