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World Wide Wanders - Attraction Travel Review - Toms Fashion

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Attraction Name:Toms Fashion Reviewer Rating:
Type:Tailor User Rating:0.1 from 8 votes
Area:BangkokSubmit Rating:

Attraction Description:

Bangkok Tailors and Custom Tailor Bangkok. Toms Fashion welcomes to Men's Custom tailored suits shop in Bangkok, Thailand. We offer best tailoring services.

Attraction Review:

For over 25 years, the Tom's Fashion label has been one of the most respected names in men's custom tailored clothing, identified with superior fabrics, meticulous hand tailoring, and quality that is becoming harder and harder to find

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User Comments For Toms Fashion

Comment By: Guest

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Comment By: Guest

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Comment By: Guest

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Comment By: Guest

I don't have courage to tell I'm so scraed if he knows that i have found another guy. But I know he is aware that I must found another one coz he always told me that i must choose the better one..but still i took pitty of him because i love's ok fr me if he will tell me the we are very far from each other but still he is waiting for me to comeback to him and he is planning to meet me in the place where i'm staying now..i don't know this anymore more.. i don't know what to do..Reply+2Was this answer helpful?LikeDislike

Comment By: Guest

Love these pics! I'm still pining over which pair of Tom's to buy. It's kind of ruiocildus how much time/energy I will spend debating certain purchases and then totally sporadically buying other unnecessary things. [url=]iuczbag[/url] [link=]ncwfpjq[/link]

Comment On Review For Toms Fashion In Thailand Posted By tomsfashion


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