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World Wide Wanders - Attraction Travel Review - Golden Mount (Wat Srakes)

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Attraction Name:Golden Mount (Wat Srakes) Reviewer Rating:
Type:Temple User Rating:0.0 from 26 votes
Area:BangkokSubmit Rating:

Attraction Description:

The Golden Mount is a large temple built on a large hill in the center of Bangkok, and therefore has amazing views over Bangkok; the top of the temple sports a large golden dome which shimmers in the sunshine.

Golden Mount is located off of Luang Road, where the mammoth climb to the top begins.
Although quite a climb to reach the summit, the panoramic views more than reward those that make it.

Attraction Review:

We visited Golden Mount at the end of a days sightseeing so unfortunately the girls didn?t make it to the top, but Kieron & Lee persevered and were rewarded with fine views over the city.

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