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World Wide Wanders - Attraction Travel Review - Grand Palace

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Attraction Name:Grand Palace Reviewer Rating:
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Attraction Description:

The Grand Palace is one of those attractions that the majority of sightseers in Bangkok will visit at some point and is therefore often very busy. The buildings are quite ornate with their intricate mosaic designs.

The shimmering golden and shiny buildings shine in the daily sun and contrast against the often blue skies.

The Grand Palace is also home to Bangkok?s Emerald Buddha which although quite pretty is stood on a lofty platform making the statue itself quite hard to see clearly.

The standard dress code that applies to all temples in Thailand also applies at the Grand Palace, therefore ensure that if visiting suitable clothes are worn, i.e. no flip-flops (thongs), shoulder baring tops, three quarter length trousers, shorts or short skirts.

The Grand Palace is only open between 9:15am until 3:15pm, therefore if visited first both the Grand Palace and Wat Po (located just down the road) can be visited in the same day. Many tuk-tuk drivers will tell passers that the Grand Palace is closed for this ceremony or that but this is generally part of a sales spiel that will lead visitors off around the city on their tuk-tuk.

Attraction Review:

On the day we visited the Grand Palace Julie wasn?t wearing suitable clothing and therefore grudgingly agreed to use the supplied sarong style skirt, sandals and socks, what a lovely combination!!

The surrounds of the Grand Palace are pretty big, and the buildings are quite pretty, but for us we found it very same-same, a little too modern and not a patch on some of the older temples we had visited. That said it all comes down to personal tastes and no doubt those that like good architecture and well kept gardens would appreciate the Grand Palace.

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