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World Wide Wanders - Attraction Travel Review - Weekend Market

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Attraction Name:Weekend Market Reviewer Rating:
Type:Market User Rating:0.0 from 36 votes
Area:BangkokSubmit Rating:

Attraction Description:

The Weekend market is located to the north of Bangkok at the northern most stop on the BTS Skytrain and is a great place to pick up travel souvenirs or stock up on gear. The market is used by tourists and Thais alike and is bursting with bargains. As the name suggests the market is open on a Saturday & Sunday for most of the day.

The market is mainly undercover and covers a vast area, making it pretty easy to get lost for a few hours, and is split into four main sections; clothing, furniture, food and animals.

Attraction Review:

We visited the weekend market in the hunt for bargains twice while in Bangkok because the place is so vast it is impossible to see it all in one visit.

We picked up loads of bargains at the Weekend Market which mainly included clothes and had great fun bartering for the things we wanted, although they tend to not drop the prices drastically. We also found it pretty interesting to stroll around as there is so much to see, but the animal section was a little sad as the animals are all kept in small spaces and in very hot conditions.

The market is best visited on a cooler day as it does get pretty sticky on hot day?s which is exasperated by the volumes of people that visit.

While at the market Kieron nearly got arrested by the corrupt Thai police for dropping a cigarette butt on the floor even though he didn?t, but luckily our friends girlfriend defused the situation. So be careful if smoking while there!!

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