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World Wide Wanders - Attraction Travel Review - Nana Disco

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Attraction Name:Nana Disco Reviewer Rating:
Type:Disco User Rating:0.0 from 24 votes
Area:BangkokSubmit Rating:

Attraction Description:

Nana Disco is a disco in the back of the Nana Hotel in the Nana region of Bangkok, and can be reached by BTS Skytrain to the Nana Station until 10pm or by Taxi.

There is a small door charge which comes with a free drink token that balances out the cost if one of the more expensive drinks are bought.

The disco is across the road from the Nana strip of Go-Go Bars and therefore could be quite a pick-up bar for any visitors looking for more than an evening?s entertainment!!

Attraction Review:

We visited the Nana disco after an afternoon on the juice and after visiting Angel Witch on the Nana strip, the disco was pretty busy with all sorts of people, but it was obvious that many are there for a pick up.

The music varied throughout the night and complimented the atmosphere.

We went to the disco with a group of people and had a great night dancing the night away.

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User Comments For Nana Disco

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