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Welcome To Laos

Laos is a beautiful country with lush green scenery and landscapes, many waterfalls and nice riverside locations.

The capitol of Laos is a small city and has quite a sleepy atmosphere, as a place it doesn`t have a lot to offer, but most people that visit Laos are likely to stop even if only for a short period on the way through.

Luang Prabang is similar in size to Vientiane but seems to be a little busier with tourists and visitors, around the city there are several waterfalls a short drive away which are spectacular and worth a visit especially directly after the rainy season and also boat trips in and around the area.

Vang Vieng is a great place to stop, located between the two aforementioned cities. It boasts many caves in the vicinity, water activities in the Mekong River and nice open air bars where many hours can be lost watching the sunsets and generally relaxing.

Laos is more expensive to travel than word would have you believe especially in the popular locations on the standard routes such as Vientiane & Luang Prabang. The biggest costs are associated with accommodation and food which unfortunately are the necessities. In contrast Vang Vieng is noticeably cheaper than other towns in Laos. The high costs aren`t initially apparent as three currencies are widely accepted in Laos, Thai Baht, US Dollars and Laos Kip which can cause initial confusion. ATM machines are only available in Vientiane, however travelers cheques can be changed in most places.

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