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World Wide Wanders - Nepal Home

You Are In Asia
Welcome To Nepal

Nepal is a very beautiful country which is apparent from the initial flight in when mountains can be seen poking through the clouds and if the time of year is right the surrounding areas will be covered with lush greenery.

Kathmandu the capital of Nepal is a bustling city which has a great array of temples, shops, eateries and a large choice of accommodation.

Further into Nepal the great diversity of the country becomes apparent ranging from small local villages to explore, bustling cities to find bargains in, park land to see the vast array of wildlife, temples for the cultural high, smaller towns to chill out and relax in with their inherent peace and tranquility and majestic mountain ranges to trek in or climb.

The best time to visit Nepal is after the monsoons, around October or November as the weather is still great and the monsoons by this point have bought the greenery alive.

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