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World Wide Wanders - Thailand Home

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Welcome To Thailand

Thailand has a lot of culture, amazing islands with some of the worlds most outstanding white sand beaches to the south, and lush green scenery & landscapes to the north.

Bangkok Thailand?s capital is a typical capital city, consisting of many high rise buildings which surround the center of the city. Bangkok also offers a lot to tourists ranging from big shopping complexes with bargains a plenty for the careful shopper, the weekend market which sells everything from clothes & household goods to pets & food is very popular with tourists and Thais alike where empty luggage is easily filled. There is also a cultural side to Bangkok as it houses the Grand palace, Wat Po & Golden Mount which are all a great sight.

Chiang Mai to the north of Thailand is bustling with culture with its many tribal villages in the surrounding hillsides, which can be visited on any of the hundreds of tours on offer in the region, but are best visited under your own steam to avoid the heavy sales pitches targeted at tour groups.

Kanchanaburi to the west of Bangkok & reachable within two hours by local bus and offers amazing waterfalls (best visited after the rainy season), the Bridge Over The River Kwai, Hellfire Pass & many tribal villages.

Thailand is one of the easiest countries to travel and seems to have tourism sorted. The low costs mean Thailand is a winner for travelers on all budgets.

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