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World Wide Wanders - Travel Story Or Confession

Nepal - Spider Fright

Posted On: 05-05-2004

Posted By: Kieron&julie

One night while traveling through Nepal while staying in an accommodation overlooking amazing mountain scenery, Julie & I were preparing for the evening, when using the toilet I was jumped by a spider bigger than any I had ever seen in my life. The spider with its leg span was easily the size of a dinner plate and looked like it was covered with body armor.

Eventually we found someone that would come and remove it and made it out for food.

After eating we returned to the room and were just about to get into bed when the spider?s older brother turned up for a bit of revenge and started pacing the walls. This one was larger than the first and yet again we had to call for intervention from the hotels staff to remove it, so after waking them from their slumber at 1 a.m. they performed the task and left us to it.

At around 2:30 a.m., I was woken with a start, to many legs scuttling across my face, immediately sitting bolt upright with a start, I then realised that the legs I felt were the tassels on the blanket, that realisation however didn?t help me sleep any better and the rest of the night was spent with one eye open.

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