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World Wide Wanders - Travel Story Or Confession

Thailand - Ko Samet Psycho

Posted On: 05-05-2004

Posted By: Kieron&julie

One evening we decided to take a night off of the cocktails as we had already been boshing them for a week or so, and were determined to get to the beach early the next day.

I thought I was dreaming as we had been asleep for ages when I heard tap, tap, tap, I suddenly woke with a start as the tapping got louder and then decided to wake Kieron. We both sat staring at the door for several minutes wondering if we were still asleep or awake when the tapping became load thuds & the whole Bungalow started shaking as the banging continued, and the foul language started to flow ?Let me in the f*^king bungalow, or I?ll kick your f*^king head in? and other obesities of a similar nature.

Kieron went to open the door and find out what was going on but I stopped him as I was unsure what was waiting outside. So he called out that whoever it was that they had gotten the wrong bungalow and that they should bog off to bed, however the psycho continued her shouting and thumping around, when the next thing we knew we heard one almighty crash and saw glass underneath our window, at this point I let out one hell of a scream which attracted two people outside and after they worked out the situation took her away.

After that incident the Island although stunningly beautiful, has lost the magic it held for me, but that may be because I didn?t sleep well after the event and could not wait to get back to the city.

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