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World Wide Wanders - Travel Story Or Confession

Laos - Boat Trouble

Posted On: 05-05-2004

Posted By: Kieron&julie

Leaving Laos and heading to Thailand takes a long two-day journey up the Mekong River which we figured would be a nice relaxing way to check out the scenery and leave the country in one foul swoop, especially as we only had limited time left of our Laos visas.

The first day?s journey was great, the scenery was amazing and our fellow travelers were a good bunch. After a nights sleep in a something-and-nothing town we headed onwards for another days travel, this time however after the first stop the flag fell form the front of the boat straight into the water, we all joked that it was probably a bad sign little did we know what lay ahead!!

After dropping off some locals a little further down stream the engine caught on fire and conked out and we had to wait for another boat to pass and give ours a bump start. Eventually we got going and pushed on again, only about an hour and a half behind schedule.

Expecting that we had had our fair share of bad luck we all got down to some serious card playing and thought we would arrive a little later than expected but would arrive and be in Thailand before sunset. As the journey continued however the staff on the boat suddenly rushed to the back and half proceeded in throwing our luggage on to the roof of the boat while the other half were ripping up the floor boards. We all looked around a little panicked and very confused until we looked down and saw that our feet were nearly covered in water, the BLOODY BOAT WAS SINKING. It was a pretty funny sight seeing the boat drivers bailing out in a wild panic, but eventually the situation was controlled and we sailed on, but if we come back to Laos we will definitely find a different way in & out!!

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