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World Wide Wanders has been developed to service as a travel information repository for those that that go in search of the amazing & plentiful wonders of the world that are waiting to be explored by those brave enough to embark on a trip of a lifetime. The site is intended for travelers to share the wonders of their trips with fellow travelers and help to lighten the travel load for others that may visit in the future or merely point others in the right direction without destroying the sense of wonder, adventure & discovery that all travelers seek.

Travel with World Wide Wanders as a companion and share the stories that all travelers undoubtedly stumble across in the Stories section. Or search out the next bed, food or attraction in the Reviews section & write reviews for the wonders enjoyed or hated to help others where possible.

World Wide Wanders aims to lighten the traveling load while maintaining wonder, excitement, adventure and mystery.

Iguazu Falls

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